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Schedule of Session Fees

Fees from August 2023

Assessment and Intervention Sessions Private Health & Medicare

A standard assessment fee is a minimum of $430.00. 

This includes:

  • Initial appointment - $125.00

  • Subsequent appointment - $125.00

  • Results analysis and report writing - $180.00

*Please note that the assessment may take longer than two appointments and we will discuss options prior. 

Medicare and Private intervention sessions fees:

  • 30-45 minutes session - $95.50

  • 45-60 minutes - ​$125.00

  • Group session - $81.90

Private health and Medicare rebates can be claimed at the time of the session.

Medicare (Enhance Primary Care) or 
Medicare (Helping Children with Autism)

The Enhance Primary Care or Chronic Condition Care Plan supports families' access to Medicare funding for 5 sessions. The Medicare funding covers part of the cost of the session and there will be a gap. GPs make these referrals.


The Helping Children with Autism Plan is arranged by the Paediatrician and can help families access Medicare funding for up to 20 sessions. The Medicare funding covers part of the cost of the sessions and there will be a gap. Paediatricians make these referrals.

The full fee is paid on the day of the session and then the Medicare rebate is refunded within 2 working days into your nominated bank account. 

We do not bulk bill sessions. If you would like to discuss this, please phone us on 8683 4488

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Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessments

To have a diagnosis of Autism, you will need two opinions from two separate practitioners. Michelle de la Perrelle, Speech Pathologist, Kendra Kotz, Psychologist and Danielle Moore, Psychologist are available to offer single opinion assessments and dual opinion assessments. They will support you to register with Autism SA following the assessment. 

Single Assessment - $775.00

Dual Assessment - $1,400.00

If you have your first opinion with a Paediatrician, you may be eligible for a Medicare rebate with us.  


Tobruk Centre is able to work with participants who have plans that are Plan Managed or Self-Managed.

Tobruk Centre uses the NDIA Price Guide.

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