Our Team

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Michelle de la Perrelle

Speech Pathologist

Monday to Friday

Petrea Glover

Occupational Therapist

Tuesday to Friday

Lisa Boyce

Speech Pathologist

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

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Brielle Vannucci 2.jpeg
Nakita Dwan-Clarke 2.jpeg
Shana Freeman.jpg

Shana Freeman

Office Manager

Monday to Thursday

Visiting Services

Chelsea Franks

Youth Development Practitioner

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Brielle Vannucci

Occupational Therapist

Monday to Friday

Nakita Dwan-Clarke

Speech Pathologist

Monday to Friday

Zelma Tolley

Social Worker

Monday and Tuesday

Learning Keys' Psychologist, Helen Broomhall

Clinical and Educational and Developmental Psychologist

Join Us!

We are currently recruiting staff to join our Administration and Allied Health Teams.

 If you would like to apply, please send an application to: 

Michelle de la Perrelle, Manager, michelle@tobrukcentre.com.au

  Include a cover letter, a resume that addresses the Job Description and 2 referees.